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Basic Blackjack Chart

If you are curious on how you are going to beat the blackjack game, this is the best place to start from. The Blackjack chart among many other strategies is the foundation to playing the game and many other variants of the blackjack game.


Note: Read This Before You Memorize Any Other Strategy!


The Basic strategy is the very first thing you need to master before you can proceed to other methods such as card counting.

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When you master the basic strategy properly, you will have reduced the house edge by a mere 0.5%; but when you use the basic strategy in combination with other strategies such as card counting, you lower the house edge even more significantly, drastically increasing your winnings over time.

Very few online casino players realize that the basic blackjack chart will vary depending on the available decks and the rules that guide the specific online casino. The blackjack chart can be used when there are 4-8 decks and when the dealer stands on a soft 17.

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For the double deck basic strategy, if the you are playing a multi-deck game and the dealer hits a soft 17, then you are meant to double A, 7 vs 2, double A, 8 vs 6 and A, 3 vs 4. Similarly, a single deck basic strategy chart is only used when the dealer hits on soft 17 and you cannot double after you’ve split.


Memorize the Blackjack Charts Perfectly!


There is always a place where the rubber meets the road when it comes to playing and beating blackjack. It usually takes continuous practice to commit the basic blackjack chart to memory. If it was as easy as some people usually say, there would be no website and additional information to help you master it!

Blackjack Chart

Remember the blackjack chart you start with is not the same chart you end with! Once you’ve learnt the basic blackjack chart strategy, it is important that you learn other additional strategies to complement the strategy. The better you learn other strategies, the easier it will be for you to play and win.


Basic Blackjack Strategy has an Order of Operation


  • Should you surrender? If you are in an online casino that offers the surrender option, you will have an opportunity to surrender after the first two cards have been dealt to you. You will not be able to surrender once the dealer hits you with a card. This is why it is very important that you think about surrendering when playing a hand. If you can’t surrender or you shouldn’t surrender, ask yourself…

  • Should you split? This is the second most important decision you will make. Should you split or not? This option is available when you are dealt with a pair of cards or when you are dealt with two-ten value cards such as a King and a Queen. If the answer is no, ask yourself…

  • Should you double? When you are forced to double, then consider yourself lucky! Doubling means that you have high odds of winning a hand. It is for this reason that some casinos have restrictions on doubling but it is important that you clarify before you take your next step. If the answer is no, ask yourself…

  • Should you stand or hit? This is the last decision you will ask yourself in the basic strategy. A hit is asking the dealer to deal you with another card and while a stand is maintaining and asking the dealer to move on. If the above options are not viable, you can choose to hit or stand!


Some Commonly Asked Questions on Blackjack Chart Strategy


What is the basic blackjack chart based on? Should I trust the basic strategy?


Blackjack basic strategy was derived from a computer simulation. A program with blackjack game rules was installed in the computer after which the program was “told” to play a few hundred million hands of the game and the results were recorded.

Through the computers trial and error, the researcher was able to figure which were the most appropriate moves for a player, with every possible combination of starting dealers up card and the card dealt to you.

Therefore, if you play blackjack right using the basic strategy as it is supposed to be used, you can be rest assured of getting valid results.


Are there any blackjack chart books written to help players?


There are plenty of books that you can read on Blackjack and the Blackjack chart. For example, the first ever book, Beat the Dealer that was written by Edward Throp.

Theory of Blackjack

There is also Rick Levin’s Roulette System which famously discusses in details how you can lower the online casinos house edge while you increase yours. Other famous books include theory of blackjack written by Peter Grifin and Bryce Carlson’s Blackjack.


What are some of the factors to consider when choosing a Blackjack table?


When visiting a casino, you will discover that various casinos have various rules and regulations. It is important that you visit as many casinos as possible and compare the rules before you can settle down on one with the most favorable rules.

Basic Blackjack Chart

Once you get to choose a casino, choose a table that best suits your playing style. Look at the table’s maximum as well as the minimum and choose one that has favorable rules on the same.


Will drinking affect how I employ the blackjack tactics?


You’ve heard of this slogan “alcohol impairs your judgement”. Or have you ever taken some time to think why the casinos will always give you free drinks as long as you are playing? Most people only view this from the driving point of view but forget it cuts across all fields.

While you’ll be playing the various casino games, it is advisable that you avoid any form of intoxicating drink. Play the games while you are sober until you are through with the games.


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