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Top 3 Online Blackjack Promotions in the UK

Blackjack is a game that is appropriate for those who have quite a fair amount of experience with online casino games as well as for those who are just beginning to get used to the concept of online casinos.

The game itself may not be the most difficult or the most complicated in the world, but beginners often struggle to find suitable Blackjack places where they can hone their skills, learn more about the game and have an enjoyable time playing their favourite casino game.

Grosvenor Blackjack Promotion in UK

This is not to say that the United Kingdom has a shortage of online casino promotions. As a matter of fact, it one of the few countries in the world where restrictions on online casinos are minimal and the number of these establishments are abundant.

That being said, it is not always easy to stumble upon reliable, notable and favourable online casinos that meet the requirements of Blackjack players.


Top 3 Online Blackjack Promotions in the UK


You would have to get your research glasses on and put your internet browsing expertise to use in order to get your hands on the best online casinos for Blackjack aficionados. Thankfully, half the job has been done for you here. The following are names of the top 3 online Blackjack promotions in the United Kingdom.

You can call these the crème of the crop when it comes to internet Blackjack. The ease of gaming on these websites will allow you to enjoy a premium gaming experience and also help you familiarize yourself with the tricks and techniques of Blackjack itself.

Play Blackjack at Leovegas

Rest assured, falling in love with Blackjack will be much easier if you simply head over to these websites, open up an account and get started with your Blackjack explorations.




Looking for a big name in the gambling industry in the UK that you can trust and use to get a feel for the Blackjack game, then look no further than Betfair. It is arguably the biggest online gambling operator in the United Kingdom with customers that have nothing other than praise for this world renowned website.

Betfair Blackjack Promotion in UK

If you have ever tried out online gambling before, you are sure to have logged into Betfair at one time or another. The Blackjack games on this website are simply out of this world and the bonuses are even better. There is no reason why a person who is looking to get started with Blackjack should overlook Betfair.

One thing that you will notice as soon you log into Betfair is that the emphasis is on the quality of the game rather than the quantity.



Unlike a lot of other online gambling operators which flood you with mediocre Blackjack games, the games here are provide amazing game play and are more or less a part of the full set of traditional casino games that people have grown accustomed to over the years.

Some modern versions of the original Blackjack are also available here. Among the popular modifications, the ones that you should definitely try out if you decide to stick with Betfair are:

  • a) Double Blackjack

  • b) Blackjack Surrender

  • c) Live Blackjack

  • d) Progressive Blackjack

Once you spend a little bit of time playing these games, you will realize why Betfair is one the best online Blackjack promotions in the UK.




If you do a little bit of research on online casinos in the internet, you are likely to come across hundreds of articles and blog posts which inform you that Ladbrokes is the best online gambling operator and betting house.

Ladbrokes Blackjack Promotions

Although it is quite difficult to argue against that statement, it does not change the fact that it is quite rare for these online writers to provide hard facts about why exactly Ladbrokes is superior to majority of the online gambling operators if not all of them. Today, you are going to find out the reason.

The first thing that you will notice about Ladbrokes is that it possesses quite a few variations of the Blackjack game. This is ideal for those who tend to find certain Blackjack games boring and monotonous and need constant alterations in the game to keep their gambling taste buds tingling.



Another reason why you should try out the Blackjack games at Ladbrokes is because of the handsome welcome bonus that it offers. A 100% match up to £500 is an offer that you cannot resist and certainly overshadows the meagre welcome bonuses offered elsewhere.

Last but not the least, the current payout percentage for the card games at Ladbrokes is a whopping 97.25%! It will be extremely difficult for you to avail a better offer from another online Blackjack promotion in the UK. The following 4 games are can’t miss attractions at Ladbrokes

  • a) Classic Blackjack

  • b) Blackjack Surrender

  • c) Progressive Blackjack

  • d) Live Blackjack




The reason why there is so much hype and prestige surrounding Leovegas is the fact that it hardly ever disappoints its valued clients. This is also the reason why any experienced online gambler in the UK would definitely place Leovegas in a list of recommendations for a newcomer.

Leovegas Blackjack Bonus Offer

Talking about newcomers, if you happen to visit Leovegas for the first time with the purpose of playing Blackjack, you will be treated to a number of different new-player bonuses that will get you hooked into the game from the word go. These offers can be very easily wagered at the Blackjack tables.

You also quickly learn that Leo Vegas has one of the biggest and most impressive collections of Blackjack games in all of UK and perhaps in the world.

There are numerous games to choose from and each game presents a different set of rules and challenges for the player that helps retain their interest and attention. The must try games are:

  • a) Classic Blackjack

  • b) Blackjack Surrender

  • c) Live Blackjack

  • d) Multiplayer Blackjack


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