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Perfect Blackjack Strategy Chart

Strategizing is integral to attaining success in Blackjack, whether you play it in an online casino or in a brick and mortar casino. When you are coming up with strategies for your Blackjack games, you need to be as organized and planned as you possibly can.

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The slightest of errors and deviations can cost you dearly during the course of the game. To stand the greatest chance of winning, you need a picture perfect Blackjack strategy chart.


What is a Blackjack Strategy Chart?


A Blackjack strategy chart sounds like a highly complicated blue print for success. In reality, it is not that complex a deal. It is simply representative of a systematic approach towards acquiring maximum possible success in the game.

In a typical blackjack strategy chart, you will have details of all the Blackjack strategies that need to be used by a player in order to improve his or her odds in the game.


Variations in the Charts


Blackjack games are of different kinds. As a result, there are slight variations to the Blackjack strategy charts depending on the type of game that you are dealing with.

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In other words, the strategies of Blackjack change along with the rules and format of the game. The change of strategy leads to a change in the formation of the charts.


Situation Based Chart


When you think about it in the simplest of ways, a Blackjack chart is basically a simple chart that outlines all the possible routes that a Blackjack player should take on his way to victory.

It displays all the correct moves that a player should make depending on the player’s hand of cards and the dealer’s face card. This means that the chart is situation based.

The strategies that you should resort to from the chart should change depending on the current situation of the game.

Unlike some other online casino games, you cannot and should not stick to the same, repetitive strategy for every Blackjack game. The variations in the scenario must prompt changes to your tactical approach. Failure to adapt to new strategies will eventually lead to defeat in the game. 


Basic Rules and the Chart


Before you get to know about how to make use of the perfect Blackjack strategy chart, you need to understand the basic rules of the game. In Blackjack, especially online Blackjack, the basic moves that you are allowed include Stand, Hit, Double Down, Split and Surrender.

Perfect BlackJack Strategy Chart

Learning the basic strategy is not hard. In fact, it is as simple as memorizing all the scenarios that you can find yourself in. Based on the scenario that you are in, the perfect Blackjack strategy chart will tell you which move to make and what action to take.


Chart Analysis


If you are new to the game and have little to no experience, you may face a tad bit of difficulty analyzing the chart. However, there is no reason to worry.

The more you use the chart, the easier it will be for you to make good use of it. Soon enough, you will find the chart quite simple and it is at that moment in time that you will be ready to take on the real challenges of intensely competitive Blackjack games.

In the left far corner of the chart, the value of the player’s hand is listed down. On the upper section of the chart, you have the deals of the values of the dealer’s face cards listed in order.

The remaining space in the chart is to be filled up by all the possible scenarios that a player can be in, and the all possible moves that the player can execute in order to make the most of those situations.


Visual Display of Charts


Many a times, letters and colour coded boxes are used to in the blackjack strategy charts. The focus on graphics is what makes an ordinary blackjack chart a perfect one. Reading the numbers and the processing the data that is listed on the chart can sometimes turn out to be a nuisance.

To help the players quickly read and understand the information, it is important that letters and colour coded boxes are used. They do not add to the quality of the information provided in the charts nor do they make the strategies any more effective.

However, they improve the readability of the Blackjack strategy chart, and at the end of the day, that’s what matters the most. If a player is unable to read from the chart, then there is no use of having the chart in the first place. It can provide in depth information about the perfect moves, but it will be of little use during the game.

Thus, when you are looking for the perfect Blackjack strategy chart, make sure that readability of the information is high and that ample visual effects have been used for your convenience.


Do Charts Guarantee Success?


Is using the perfect Blackjack strategy chart a sure fire way of earning success in Blackjack? Unfortunately, the answer is no. It does not matter of high the quality of the information contained within the chart is or how visually appealing and readable the chart may appear.

The simple fact of the matter is that no Blackjack chart in the world can guarantee you a victory. Even if you are the kind of player who has not erred in following any one of the basic strategies and has executed all the right moves at the right time, you may still come short.

Your chances of winning at Blackjack, regardless of how good you are at reading and following the chart will always remain below 50% in the long run.


Why The Chart is Necessary?


The abovementioned facts do not make the perfect Blackjack strategy chart useless. It is still a highly efficient tool that allows you to improve your chances of winning. It can always turn out to be the difference between going on a losing slump or picking up a winning streak.

There are plenty of free Blackjack strategy charts available online, many of which can be considered perfect.


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