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How to Play 21 Card Game? (Rules)

Blackjack 21 or the Card Game 21 is one of the online casino's favorite games. One of the main reasons this game is so popular is the simple reason of the contest that exists between you and the dealer. You need not interest yourself on how the other people at the table are playing.

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The main aim of playing the 21 card game is drawing cards that are close to 21 as possible without exceeding that of the dealer or beat the online casinos dealer by drawing cards which ass up to 21.


How to Play 21 Card Game? (Rules)


The King, Queen, and Jack have card values of 10 and the Ace counts as 11 or 1, whichever you choose to go with. The remaining cards count as their face values.

When you draw cards that exceed 21, you lose or go bust, even if the dealer also goes bust. However, if your card count is closer to 21 as compared to the dealer’s card count, you win the bet. Having the same value of the card with the dealer results into a tie or a push and nobody wins the bet.

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If the first two cards that you have total up to 21 exactly, you have a Blackjack, and you win one and half times the amount you wager. However, if the dealer also has the first two cards totaling up to 21 exactly on his/her first two cards, it becomes a tie, and nobody wins the bet.

If you have never indulged yourself in the card game jacks, it’s time that you spared some time to visit the nearest casino and enjoy one of the low minimum bets on offer then.

The most appropriate time to play on the blackjack minimum tables is early in the morning, during which most of the casinos have lowered their minimum bids as they try to attract more players. During the evening, you will find it difficult to find the $5 tables.


How to Win the 21 Card Game?


Have Enough Rest and Avoid Alcoholic Drinks


Always play when you are sober while at the casino. Most of the casinos give away alcoholic beverages in an attempt to impair your ability to make wise decisions or moves. In addition, always play when you are fresh.

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Never play after midnight unless you had plenty of sleep during the day. Remember, Blackjack just like chess is a thinking person’s game and knowing when to hit, split, stand and double down will increase your chances of winning.


Understand the Splits


If the two cards that you are dealt with are a pair, you can decide to play two hands by matching your original wager on each hand. You can also draw as many cards as you wish for every hand.

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However, by splitting your Aces, you are only allowed to draw a card for every hand. Still, be sure to check your dealer's hand before you decide to split.


Understand the Double Downs


If the first two cards, that are dealt to you by the dealer total a combination which you feel will take only one card to draw, so, that you beat the dealer, you can double your bet.

Always remember, that you can only draw one additional card.


Understanding Insurance


Insurance is the protection bet that you receive and pays on a ratio of 2:1. Whenever a dealer has an Ace showing, you have the option of taking insurance by paying up to half of your bet into the insurance square. If the dealer has a card value of 21, you win the bet and loose if he doesn’t.

Basically, when you place an insurance bet, you are betting that the dealer will have a blackjack. Even if you win the insurance bet, you will lose your initial bet. Most professional 21 card game will advise you from playing the insurance bet. 


21 Card Game: FAQ


Is card counting illegal?


As opposed to the common belief, most casinos have not prohibited card counting. However, those casinos that have prohibited card counting do so to reduce the winning margins of players, and honestly, they are quite within their rights to prohibit card counting. You will not be arrested for counting cards.


Is advisable to always stand if I am in a risk of going bust?


No. This strategy, popularly known as “never bust” might seem to be a safe strategy for most people but it actually damage the returns you expect. The most appropriate strategy to use while playing 21 card game is the basic strategy, which will tell you what move to make and when to make it.


Is surrendering the best option if I’m dealt with bad cards?


In some situations, this is the best option. However, it is not advisable to surrender every time you are dealt with bad cards since you will be forfeiting half your stake. Eventually, you will lose more money as compared to playing some of the bad hands.


Is there a difference between playing live blackjack game and online blackjack?


Of importance to note is that regardless of playing online or live blackjack, blackjack rules still apply. Obviously, you will not be dealt with physical cards when playing the online blackjack game, which means that the RNG will determine what cards you will be dealt with.

On the other hand, most online casinos will offer live blackjack game, a feature which will bring the blackjack experience closer to you. In this mode, you will be playing against the dealer only that you will only be able to see him/her through the computer.


Do I have to tip the dealers?


No, you don’t have to. You are not obligated to tip any particular dealer. However, it is considered to be good practice, especially if you had a good time at the casino.


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