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The Science of counting or Blackjack card counting officially came into limelight after the book of “Beat the Dealer” written by great Edward Thrope. To rule the game like anything you need to gather all the essential information and also to have a grip over all methods and grips to find out proper means as well.

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A feature of an aspect of card counting is considered to be the best preferred and used strategy by the family of Blackjack. It is mainly done to determine perfectly whether the feature of next hand is going to provide a probable advantage to the destined players for their advantage.


Blackjack Card Counting


Though in all online casinos, it is strictly prohibited to the use of these cards counting as they can consider as the cheat of the game.


blackjack card counting


But if you are playing online Casino, then the app or feature is going to teach you everything which you need to know for enrolling.

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The feature of blackjack card counting is an experience to come with all exclusive features by which they can make you perfect and worthy players.


Exclusive Features of the Game and App


The exciting game of Blackjack is based or dependent on the primary factors or methods of card counting.



  • It is always important to know how to count the cards, and the app is going to help you for the same.

  • The tutorials of card counting are always there to demonstrate the card counting for better understanding

  • Through the help of this app, any player is allowed to access the game through the different levels such as easy, medium, hard and for extreme professionals expert levels are also there.

  • The special blackjack card counting app is coming with the modes of tracking your progress as well.

  • It will help you to count your own building system as well.

Counting card is not that much difficult as you imagines it could be. Maximum of the people has very wrong notion that they have to remember each and every single number of their cards. But it is not true. The blackjack card counting app is going to make you learn some of the exclusive strategies, and you can also use them by Default. 


Blackjack Card Counting App


For both amateur and professional players, the option is widely used only because of its simplicity and exclusive power. To learn or use the system no one have to be a math expert. All you need to do is learn, more practice and most important sharpen your skill as much as possible.


How to Count Through the Blackjack App?


Blackjack card counting will definitely confer immense facilities and also help them a lot to make the game enjoyable. 

Mainly the system of counting works especially by keeping track of the running total and the ratio between the high and low cards also. By the term “Hot Decks” we usually understand a deck which has more high cards than the number of low cards as well. Not only that the hot deck is favorite for conferring immense facilities to the players also.


Scoring of the App


The process of scoring is very easy and understandable process. Here a correct answer comes with £1000, after giving right answer bonus points are also added, and that is based on the time of giving an answer.

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In all those previous rounds in which you guessed right number also makes you eligible to get multiplier bonus and that is up to 5 times.

But unfortunately if the guess is wrong then the bonus count is 1, but you will receive £100 for your provided effort. And if the provided number or answer is 2 away from the actual number then the bonus decreases up to £25.


Game Modes of the App


The special Blackjack card counting app may come into progress to make you learn or make you understand about the ticks, and also you can get the opportunity to rule the game and ensure your victory also. It is available in different modes and they are:

  • Tutorial: In it, 3 rounds seem with count is about to display the card and you need to add them to the running type of count and also dial it in to have a perfect score as well.

  • Easy: It is 5 rounds, and the count is seen to remove from the card. The start of each round running count is generally found. After this, you need to remember the count as they are not going to set for the player.


blackjack card counting app easy mode


  • Medium: It is also of 5 rounds, but no running count is set for you and you need to remember them. The count will be started from the previous round as the control will go back to the point of 0. In the mode, you will also discover its faster speeds and new simulation of the Blackjack to learn quickly.

  • Hard: This level comes with 10 rounds and with faster deals and also fastest flipping of the cards after the completion of the deal. The associate pedals will force to remember or keep the count into your heads. If you achieve perfection in the level, you are actually ready for the table.

  • Expert: Amongst all the levels it is the toughest one. Achieving perfection directly means your skill is sharpening enough.


blackjack card counting app modes


  • Challenge: Here unlimited rounds are provided and also there is large opportunity to make more money. But here each round is tougher than the previous ones.


Why Actually the Concept of Card Counting Works?


From the time of higher concentration on tens or aces is left, the player is ready to deal with the Blackjack, and the dealer is all set to burst. In opposite section, if the small cards are found to be remaining you can get fewer blackjacks.

Though the concept is simple but it takes lots of time to understand. A Proper understanding of blackjack card counting app will definitely make you worthy winner of the game. Taking assistance to learn the game is always a wise decision as they can make you confident and knowledgeable to play the game into victory mode.


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