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Blackjack Split: Rules

When we talk about almost all versions of blackjack, and when we are dealt a pair, we usually have the option of splitting them into two new hands. Hence, if you wish to win at blackjack, you must have a reasonably good understanding of blackjack split. 

Let us try and learn more about it over the next few lines. We are usually dealt with two or more cards, one for each of the new hand.

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At the same time, it also would lead to your bet being doubled. However, you continue to play each hand normally, and you also get two chances to beat the dealer and if you are not able to do it you lose.

You should, however, know when to split pairs in blackjack and this will ensure that you will be able to get into high-level play. Most importantly, since you have only ten card values, it does not take too much of effort to memorize what you should be doing in each single situation.


Blackjack Split: Rules


To begin with, when it comes to learning the informal blackjack split rules, you must bear in mind a few things. It is important for you always to split aces. There could be situations when there is a sense for you to go in for a split irrespective of what card is being shown by the dealer.



To cite an example, you must always make it a point to split when you are encountered with a pair of aces.

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Splitting certainly gives you a much higher and better chance to come out with a strong hand. It has been proven time and again. When you know, and master blackjack split aces rules, you will start with an advantage. You will start with a value of 12. Hence, only a nine will give you 21. Therefore, you are always on a much stronger wicket.


Always Try and Split Eights


Apart from splitting aces, you also should know the importance of splitting eights. There is no doubt that it is not always possible to get a good hand when you play eights with one hand. Your chances are not exactly good when you decide to play them separately. Hence, it would not be a bad idea to split them.


Blackjack Split


When you decide to play eight as one hand, you will be starting at 16 which certainly is a weak hand. Anything above 5 will lead you to go broke and, therefore, you have a 60% chance of losing when you decide not to split.

On the other hand, if you decide to split it would be almost impossible for you to go bust on your first hit and, therefore, you get a chance of getting a more favorable hand as you move along.


Re-Split Eights, Aces or Tens When You Are Dealt the Second Pair


Whenever you are dealt a second pair, it always makes sense to go in for blackjack split tens and eights. It is because you get two cards, of for the new hand and the other for the previous one.

Blackjack Split Pairs

If you get a second pair of aces, eights or tens, it would be advisable to treat it as your own hand and try and split it again. However, this would require you try and triple your original. It is because splitting for the first time would require that you must double it. It is an important blackjack split and doubles down strategy which you cannot afford to ignore.


When Should You Never Split?


Apart from the above, you must try and never split tens unless it is unavoidable. This is a common mistake that rookies make as far this game is concerned. If you look at the right blackjack split strategy of experts, you can be sure that they will never go in for the splitting of tens even under the worst circumstances.



When you decide to split tens, you often sacrifice a great hand and end up with a very slim chance and lost quite badly. When you split 10 your hand value goes up to 20 which might look good.

However, if you split 10s, you must have an ace to prop up your stance because anything else will not give you a higher value. When one looks at statistics splitting tens would most certainly give you two hands and the second one often will be worse than the first one.


When Should You Split Tens?


However, there are some cards counting experts who believe that there is something to be gained by splitting tens and that too in very rare circumstances.


Blackjack Split Rules


If you are counting cards and find that there are quite a few tens that are lying in the shoe, it might perhaps make sense to split tens against a dealer who could be showing five or even six.

When you do this, you have a reasonably higher chance of getting at least one 20. It would make things tough for the dealer because he would find it very tough to match you.


Never Split Fours


It also would not be advisable to split fours because it will give you only two weak hands and it hardly makes any sense.



It would also require you to double your wagering amount and, hence, in most of the cases it certainly will be proposition where you will end up losing money. When you split fours, you will be left with a hand which is very invaluable and unless you get a five, six or seven you are as good as a sitting duck and would end up losing the hand.




Hence, at the end of the day, there is no doubt that it is important to understand the ways and means by which you can split blackjacks. Unless you learn the strategies surrounding it, you will not be able to make much headway.

There are many resource materials available on the internet which you can use to your advantage and get to master the tricks over a period. It certainly will stand you in good stead.


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