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Online Blackjack Guide: Cards, Charts, Table

Casino games are pretty popular across the world, and you need to know exactly where to place your money in order to win some more money, and at the same time, you can enjoy the whole betting system.

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Blackjack is a very popular name in the field of the casino and if you visit online casino more often then you have surely faced this thin before. Blackjack or twenty-one is one of the most common, exciting and amazing casino game.

The chance of winning money out of this bet is quite easy, and you need to understand what you are doing, and you need to know about the punting in this way.


Online Blackjack Guide: Cards, Charts, Table


This game is basically between the punter and the dealer. That means, you are going to play against the dealer and not any other player and that is more exciting!

The game is being played with one or more than one decks of 52 cards. The idea is clear; you need to overpower the dealer. So, you have to sit on a table in front of the dealer, and you will need to tell him when you want to participate.


Blackjack Guide


You need to put the cash on the table, and the dealer will exchange it with casino chips. Once you are sure that you win some money, stop playing for biggies and go to the counter to get the cash in return of the chips. If you wish to win some money out of this game, you need to know where exactly you have to stop!


You Must Not Go Beyond 21!


You must not exceed 21, and this is the bottom rule, or you can say the golden rule of Blackjack! Your target is to reach 21 with the help of two cards, and you must not exceed 21 as this will crash your turn and the dealer will win the game!

You need to score exact 21 or less than that from two cards. You can win the game once you reach 21 before the dealer, but you need to stay on 21 until the end to win the bet.


Blackjack Guide cards


There is another way out. You need to play the dealer and if his card exceeds 1 before you or with two cards, then also you are going to win it! Blackjack guide table can be followed to understand the game! Blackjack guide table is available at the casino.


The Game is Tough


But winning the Blackjack is not that easy. When you start playing, the dealer will take the money before placing the bet. That means, even if the dealer loses the game, you will not be able to win some money out of it! When the game starts, the dealer asks for the money and to continue playing; you need to pay him.


Blackjack Guidelines


Once he gets the money the game starts. But if you reach the Blackjack, then also you can lose your money! As the money has already been transferred to the account of the Dealer, then if the dealer loses the game, you will also lose your money! Blackjack guidelines are there to help you with winning the money. Blackjack guidelines are available out there.


Benefit of Dealer


The most benefit of the dealers is that they can play at the very end of the game when other players have placed their bet!

So, they got a pretty good chance to understand where to place the bet and what exactly they need to win the game!

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This is a wonderful strategy, and that is the reason that in most of the Blackjack games, the dealers reach the ‘natural’ before the players! Follow the best blackjack guide for your use.

These blackjack guides are prepared with the common techniques of winning over experienced punters and winning some money out of it! Actually, you need to know how and when to place your bet!


Benefits of Reaching Blackjack


Reaching the Blackjack gives immense help to the bettor. Once he reaches 21, he can call it off. That means he can stop playing that hand at that point of time.

Or you can simply go for ‘hit’ that is requesting another card or he may simply double his bet if he thinks that this will be good for him! If he has two identical cards, then he can go for ‘split.'

He simply needs to put another bet equal to the original bet, and he can play these two bets separately! So there is still a chance of winning the whole game. He can also go for ‘double down.'



If he reached Blackjack and wants to earn more, he needs to play for only another card and he needs to double his bet. Online blackjack guide is available, and you need to have one online blackjack guide to understanding the game properly.


Go for Insurance!


‘Insurance’ is another interesting term in the case of betting. Suppose the first card of the dealer comes as Ace, the dealer wants to know whether the players want to go for ‘insurance.'



If you go for insurance, you need to pay another bet of one-half of your original bet on that insurance. Now, if the dealer gets a Black Jack, you win your money! That means it is quite interesting to have that insurance option.

When the Dealer gets Blackjack, you lose your original bet, but due to insurance, you win money and sometimes it is more than the original bet! So, this is one of the most exciting parts of playing Blackjack and having this option available for you.

Follow the blackjack guide chart to know how you can win. Blackjack guide chart will help you in winning a good amount of money.


The Dealer Still Wins


After all the players placed their bet, the dealer will place his bet. He needs to play at the very end. Sometimes, it is quite tough for the dealer to win the game.

The rule for the dealer is quite strict. He needs to hit 17 with two of his cards. Actually, he needs to stay below 17 with the two cards. Sometimes he has to stay within a limit of 17 – 21. So, there’s still a chance of winning money exists.

Reaching more than 21 will ‘bust’ the game. If the dealer and the player bust at the very same time, then also the dealer gets money as he has collected it before he played his hand! So, it is quite tough to win. Take help from blackjack guide card to play the games. The blackjack guide cards are available in the casinos.


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