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How to Play 21 Cards Game Online?

There are dozens of card games that are played both in physical casinos and brick and mortar outlets. They are specific and relate to the particular culture and ways of life of various regions and countries. For example, in many countries poker is one of the most popular card game and there are dozens of countries where Blackjack is a popular game.

Similarly, in some parts of the world, especially in the Indian subcontinent, there is a game known as 21 cards that are highly popular and played by millions. Hence, it would be not a bad idea to know more about this game over the next few lines.


How to Play 21 Cards Game Online?


If one looks up the various types of card games played in countries like India, you will most certainly find that thousands of them spend time and money to pay 21 card game online. 



It is played in homes, offices, workplaces and even while on the move. As far as weddings and other such events are concerned, there are reasons to believe that this game is a must and, therefore, very much in demand.

In many parts of the country, the game is played without money but here will be talking about ways and means by which betting and winning are possible as far as this game is concerned.


Some More about the Game


The game requires either two or four players. Whether it is two or four, the players are dealt a fixed number of cards. It would also be pertinent to mention here that even 10 players can play 21 card game online at one go.


21 Cards


However, this may not be as interesting as two or four players because making so many players sit in a brick and mortar environment or in an online environment. Therefore, it would always be better to look for ways and means by which the game can be played by two or four players at best.


Basic Rules of the 21 Game


To understand whether the game is good or not we need to have some basic idea about the rules and regulations applicable to the game.

Only then will it be possible to understand and get an answer to the question as to how to play 21 cards. To begin with, the players who are playing the game have to pick cards which are available to them in their shuffled decks.



The player who has the highest value has to sit in the highest position. The next person with the second highest positions sits to the right and so on. The person who is seated to the left of the dealer gets a chance to draw one card and places the card on the table face up. The joker should also be selected.

The player who is sitting on the left side of the dealer is given the option of cutting the cards which remain. The dealer then distributes the card in an anti-clockwise direction.


How the Game Progresses?


Going forward regarding ways and means to find the answer to the question how to play 21 card game the players are all dealt 13 cards each. The game then moves to the next hand; the option to deal is transferred to the person who is seated on the right.

This goes on until such time everybody gets a chance to deal once. The players can change seats only after the completion of a specific round.


How Is a Round Completed?


To understand the game will it is important that we play 21 card game with the right aim of the game in mind. The main aim of the game is to ensure that you are able to form sequences and sets with the help of the cards to each player.


How To Play 21 Cards


There are some rules which govern the rules for rummy, and it is important to have some basic understanding about the same. Here are a few tips which one needs to understand. When we talk about a sequence, we mean three or more cards of consecutive lines of the same unit.

When it has 3 cards of the same rank of different suits, it is referred to assets. While doing so, care should be taken to ensure that combinations do not overlap.


A Few More Things to Keep In Mind


The game also allows you the chance to used wild cards. They are generally substituted for any card which could be used in a set or a sequence. However, when forming a straight run one cannot make use of wild cards.

To declare rummy and emerge as the winner, there is also the need to come out with two different sequences and one of them must be straight. Hence, this is an important point which must not be lost sight of.


Some Important Directions to Follow


Whenever you are ready to play this game, you must also be aware of some other directions. The player who is sitting right of the dealer automatically gets a chance to have first shot at 21 card rummy first.

The round continues to move in an anti-clockwise direction. Whenever a player picks up a card from the top of the discard pile, he has to use it, and it cannot be discarded. The game continues this way till a player has 13 cards, which form the right combination of sets and sequences as per the details explained above.



Once the 13-card sequence and the set have been formed, he can pick up the 14th card discard it and declare rummy. Hence, he is the one who wins the game. It is not permitted to lay out sequences or sets when the game is in progress.

If all the cards in a stack or exhausted and no player can declare rummy, the leftover card is used and it continues till the game is declared void provided the stock cards are also used up.




Hence, this is a wonderful game and it offers a lot of excitements and many twists and turns.


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