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Casino: Blackjack Dealer Rules

The game of cards had its base in the 9th century. It was initiated in China during the Tang Dynasty. Princess Tongchang, the daughter of Emperor Yizong, used to play the game in with the family of the family of Wei where she was married to.

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The game was named Yezi Gexi. Ouyang Xiu, the analyzer from the Song dynasty, went on to say that the game came into existence in the mid years of the Tang dynasty.

He also pointed out that the cards were made of papers and they used in the form of a book which was played on board with the help of dice. The rules which were documented in a book went missing by the year 1067. 


A Pithy History of the Game of Cards


It has been described that the initial pack of cards came into existence where 32 cards were used and the Chinese distribution pack consisted of a fusion of 21 along with a dice. Gui Tian Lu also pointed out that the cards were printed at the time of the Tang dynasty.

The set of rules were printed in a book. It was very difficult to discriminate between the paper cards and the game on the tiles. The word Pai in Chinese defined the both the games. The game of cards on paper was called Paper Pai, and the one on tile were known as Bone Pai.



William Henry Wilkinson had reflected that the game of cards was initially like that of a paper currency and it was used for the commercial as well as used in the game. It has been found out that the game was used to be played and it takes us back to the Ming Dynasty.

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In the 15th century, Lu Rong went on to say that the game was played with 38 cards with coins known as myriads. The cards which were universally known as the money suited the game.

Later it was simplified, and numbers from one to ten were used instead of the currencies. There is confirmation by many historians that the game of cards was also played in Egypt, Persia and India.


The Cards as on Date


The first set of cards for the modern age was initiated Charles VI and designed by him. The pack was very classy and pricey as it was intricately carved out in wood in the 15th century.

By this time the designs of the cards altered and it is believed that the word Ace originated at the times of the Anglo-Norman times having the roots in Latin. Later the cards were ornately designed till it took the final shape that we see today.


cards final shape


Very interesting to note is that the government of numerous countries started earning fabulous revenue and finally it was agreed that the ace of spade would stand for England, the ace of clubs for France, ace of diamonds would be denoted in Russia.


Card Games in Online Gambling


Various types of card games were initiated later with the passage of time in the form of betting and gambling. The various types of gambling in cards were commonly known as Baccarat, Blackjack in Casino, Poker, Chinese poker, roulette, 21 and many other forms of card games were practiced in the casinos as table games.


types of gambling in cards


There are various betting companies are there to facilitate the online games especially those who are card enthusiasts would love the customized sites designed for them.


The Set of Rules


Here in this segment, we are going to look forward to the very common game Blackjack which is also commonly known as twenty-one. It is a game a back of fifty-two cards are required to play the game.

Since card game is played, there is a main player and the one with whom the main player plays the game. Hence in the online betting it is better to know the Blackjack dealer rules:

  1. The game of cards is mainly played to win over as many points one can collect.

  2. It is fixed that the King, Queen, and the Jack gather ten points respectively.


blackjack dealer rules


  1. Per the Blackjack dealer rules the player and the one who is playing against getting a similar number of cards that is a set of two cards.

  2. The player puts the cards on the face of the card visible however the opponents have to put down the one of the cards and the other card has to be placed with its face up and visible.

  3. What is generally done is that once the main player finishes off with the placement of the cards Blackjack dealer then shows his card to the main player and others, he then has to take out the card which he has kept hidden. In another word, Blackjack dealer takes out the trump card.


casino blackjack dealer rules


  1. Per the rules of Blackjack dealer have to call out the numbers of the card. The dealer has to call out for the number till seventeen.

  2. However, the Casino Blackjack dealer rules vary from each other.

  3. Then the final stage comes when the dealer unfolds all the cards then the one having the most number of blackjack wins the game. Casino Blackjack dealer rules also vary at this point of time.

Hence, to sum up with it is always very important to know all the rules of the dealer being the opponent holds a very important part of the game.

It is also better to know that the player having the maximum number of blackjack have the chance to get a bonus point.

So, knowing the rules makes life easy, and there are no hassles, and the card game can be a whole lot of fun. Almost all the casinos desire to get hold of a well-trained dealer.

So, again, we can say that gambling is not that detrimental since it opens an avenue for making a career as a dealer for and card game enthusiast.


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