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How to Play 21 Card Game?

The 21 card game, also known as blackjack, is one of the most popular online casino card game. The game is challenging, it’s exciting, and it’s easy to play as well.

Your main objective as a player is to beat the dealer who you shall be playing against with a card value of not more than 21 but close to 21 in comparison to the dealer’s cards. I bet you can see the pattern where the name “21 card game” comes from.

Before we look at the “how to play 21 card game rules”, let's have a look at definitions of some of the terms that you will come across while playing the game.


How to Play 21


The dealer or Buner: This is the person who is employed by the casino to distribute the cards to the players as well as overseeing the smooth running of the game. When playing the 21 card game online, the dealer will be the casino's software. However, you have an opportunity of playing the game through the live casino game that will enable you to have full access to a dealer, just like in the real world.

The Punter simply refers to the Player.

A Blackjack: Also known as the natural, it is a combination of two cards; an ace and a ten. The natural or blackjack usually pays in the ratio of 3:2 in your favor.


How to Play 21 Card Game


Therefore, if you placed a bet of $10, you will win $15. Note that it has to be an ace and a card that has a value of 10. If you are dealt with more than two cards and have a card value of 21, that’s not a natural!


How to Play 21? (Basics)


When learning how to play 21 card game, these are some of the basic things you need to remember:


  • There should be at least three players in the game.
  • The playtime is as you desire.
  • The cards that are used in the game are the standard pack. Usually, no Joker is involved in the game.
  • In the game, the Aces have a value of 1 or 11; it's usually the holder who gets to choose the value. The court cards have a value of 10 points, and the pip cards will retain the face value. Court cards and the 10s are collectively referred to as the tenths.
  • Dealing: Just like the game is played at the casino, one player usually deals the card and is known as the dealer/banker in this case. At the start of the game, the cards will be shuffled, and the banker will always deal the cards.


How to Play 21 Card Game? (Full Rules)


Playing the 21 card game is usually played in different stages. They are described as follows.



The banker will deal a card to every player on the table. The dealer or players will take a look at their cards and place a bet on them. The players will then look at their cards and place them facing down on the table. They will also be required to place their bets besides them.

A second card is then dealt all round once all the players have placed their bets. The banker will then take turns to address the players, who will either complete their hands or get busted. The player will then have three options as follows:

  • Buy: the player may opt to receive a card face down. From the privilege, the player may decide to place another bet, but it has to be less than the original bet. Alternatively, the player may decide to elect a twist. A bet can only be decreased and never increased, and a player who decides to elect a twist is not allowed to buy.
  • Twist: The player decided to ask for a third card. If in case, the third card together with the other two has a total value of more than 21, the player busts. He/she then announces that it’s a bust and the dealer picks the players cards and put them at the bottom of the other cards.
  • Stick: A player who has a hand value of equal or more than 16 can decide not to pick any more cards.

Once all the players have been accommodated, the dealer’s hidden hand is revealed. The dealer is free to add himself cards and to stop when he has a value of not less than 17


how to play 21 card game rules


Debts are settled. This is the last stage of playing. In this, the dealer will have to pay all the players who hand was better than his. He will have to match the winners stakes and collect the stakes of the losing players.


21 Card Scoring System


The hand with the highest value is a royal pontoon (usually has three 7s), and it is unbeatable.


how to play 21 card game rules pontoon


For this hand, it will win the player thrice the value of his stake. However, the hand will only count as a 21 if the dealer is the one holding it. Pontoons will earn the players double stakes. If the pontoon happens to be the banker, then all the players will have to pay double.

The next valued card is the five card trick. It also attracts double stakes from both the player and the dealer.
The dealer will always win equal hands. Therefore, a bank pontoon will beat any pontoon by a player. The dealer will always announce the payments.

Therefore, if the hand value is 18, he/she will announce “Pays 19.” This means that any player with a total hand value of 19 or more or a bonus hand will win. The banker will take the stakes of the losers and pay out the winners plus any bonuses.


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