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There are many online and brick and mortar casino games which are hugely popular amongst thousands of people across the world. The list of casino games is quite big and could range from Poker, Craps, Live Roulette, Baccarat, and much more.

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Blackjack without any doubt is one of the most popular games, and the internet has well and truly given a new dimension to it.


What Is This Topic All About?


Hence, it would be interesting to have a closer look at it.

We will be spending some time looking at the general rules pertaining to the game, and specifically, we will be looking at the role of live dealer Blackjack and what is his role and how important is his role.




It would be pertinent to mention here that the history of live dealer Blackjack online is not very old. It has been added to online gaming only during the 1990s. However, since then it has grown at a rapid pace, and today almost each gaming outlet has whether it is online or brick and mortar certainly have live dealers.


Best Live Dealer Blackjack


One needs to understand who exactly these live dealers are and what role they play. It is a known fact that when we talk about online casinos which offer Blackjack and other games, everything is operated by the computer and there are software solutions which work behind the scene. Hence, in the normal course of the game, there may not be the need for live support.


How Has Technology Changed Live Streaming?


But there are some exceptions to this rule and that is what live dealer all about. Today with the help of internet streaming technology one can experience live dealer online as far as Blackjack is concerned.



They are real people, and you will be watching them in action in real time, and the Blackjack tables will also be fine.

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It certainly is a wonderful and exciting option, and though you could be situated thousands of miles away, you could still be playing Blackjack as you play live in a brick and mortar environment. This is what it is all about.


It Is Like Being There


One of the biggest complaints with online Blackjack is that it is too monotonous and at times the machine takes over the emotional angle of the game. However, when you spend some time and choose the best live dealer Blackjack, you will be away from the monotony.

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But the best part is that you can enjoy and experience all these without having to move away from your house, living room or even your workplace. With mobile technology being so advanced, it also is possible for you to be a part of live dealer Blackjack even when you are on the move.

All that you need is a smartphone or tablet with a dependable, fast and reliable internet connection. You can use various streaming software like a flash and then start playing with the live dealer and get the best experience of Blackjack.


Things to Be Careful About


There are a few important things you must keep in mind when you opt for a live dealer for Blackjack in an online environment. You must learn to strike a balance between two extreme situations. You certainly cannot physically be a part of what is going on in a live online environment.

However, at the same time you must realize that going forward it could be the way in which Blackjack will be played.


Best Online Live Dealer Blackjack


This is because many bookmakers are keen on moving away from the digitalized experience and they want to give us a real life and real time experience. You could have the image of a table which might exist only in cyberspace. However, this is important, when it comes to placing bets, and to make sure that the game runs smoothly.

However, the website also provides you with a screen where you can watch streaming video. Here you can see the live dealer in flesh and blood that will be running the game.


Pitfalls to Avoid


When choosing the live streaming experiences, there are a few important points which you must consider. The quality of video must be crystal clear, and there cannot be any compromise on this. Towards this objective, you must ensure that you stay away from the prerecorded video.


Live Dealer Blackjack Online


This would require a good internet connection and further the quality of the mobile phone, laptop or computer should also be of a decent quality so that quality is not compromised under any circumstances.


Make Use of Help Features


Quality online Blackjack dealers offering live facilities are also known for offering the best of help support which is extremely vital.

There is a continuous live chat support facility available which must be used to the maximum extent possible. This will help bring the experience as close to being real and will also avoid misunderstandings and heartburns.


The Software Being Used Matters


It also would be pertinent to mention here that the software being used for this purpose also has a role to play. For example, it would also be better to choose online outlets which use Microgaming and other such software.

How to Play Live BlackJack

The quality of live streaming will be fine, and the options and variants available will also be almost similar as to what one expects from a brick and mortar environment.


Game Variations


When you enter into a live dealer’s room in an online environment, you also get access to a number of game variations.


Live Dealer Blackjack


It is unlikely that you will be able to find the same in a brick and mortar environment. This is possible because of software features and configurations. Secondly, it is also possible to the users or players to shift from one casino to another which may not be possible in a brick and mortar environment.




There are quite a few new things which you will be offered when you choose online live dealers when playing Blackjack. Watching seems to believe, and therefore you must experience it firsthand.


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