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Rules of Blackjack Card Game

It is a known fact, that online gambling and gaming are a multibillion-dollar business. Though there are harsh critics who talk about the negative impact of these card games, the fact of the matter remains that it continues to be a money spinner.

Along with gambling in sports, gaming activities with money being staked is growing at a rapid pace. There are scores of such games that are being played today both in an online as well as brick and mortar environment.

One such game is referred to as Blackjack, and it is perhaps considered to be one of the most popular gambling games. It rakes in revenues equivalent to thousands of dollars each day, and there are millions who are staking their money in the hope of earning something big and significant.

However, it is a sad fact that only a very small percentage of people who play Blackjack can win anything significant while the majority, end up losing money. It is because of various reasons, and yes there is an element of a good fortune built into it.

It also is important to learn more the Blackjack card rules quite well. It is where most players falter and end up losing money badly. Hence, we will over the next few lines try and find out the various rules and regulations of Blackjack which must be understood well.


Rules of Blackjack Card Game


The game is played by the players and the dealers receiving two cards each. One more thing which one must learn about this game is that unlike many other card games this is played between the players and the dealer.

In other words, it is not a game which is played by one player versus the other. The aim of Blackjack should be to outsmart the dealer, and this is an important rule about Blackjack which always must be kept in mind.



To begin with, each player and the dealer will receive two cards each. The cards are dealt face up while the dealer has one card face down. This card is also referred to as the hole card. As far as chances of winning are concerned, the best possible Blackjack option would be to have an opening deal of an ace with another ten-point card.


What Is Counting Cards?


Counting cards is a time-tested, old and proven strategy which is used primarily in the entire family of Blackjack. It is usually put in practice to find out as to where the next hand is likely to go and how much advantage it will give either to the player or the dealer.


Blackjack Card Rules


It also is a good way to know about the ability of to try and change playing decisions depending on the composition of the various remaining cards. However, it must be borne in mind that counting cards are considered illegal, and if players or even dealers are found doing it, the game could be called off, and other necessary action could also be taken.


How Many Cards Are Required?


It is played with the help of a 52-card deck, and if needed there could be many decks which could be used. Mixing of several decks is referred to as a shoe. It is done to increase the speed of the game, and it also makes the job of card counting that much more difficult.



The number of decks which are used would vary from one casino to another. However, normally it could be anything from two to eight decks as far as the shoe is concerned.

The frequency of re-shuffling would also depend from one casino to another, and the number of decks which are being used would also have a role to play. Frequent re-shuffling also reduces the impact of card counting and brings in the sense of discipline and legality into the game.


Objective of the Game


The main objective of the game is to ensure that the players should reach a total point of 21. However, they should not exceed it. The points are computed by adding up the value of each card.

The cards from numbers two through ten are calculated based on their face value. J, Q, and K are worth 10 points each and Ace could be worth either 1 or 11 points and the choice are left to the players.


The Deal and How Blackjack Could Impact It?


At the start of the game, the dealer and the players receive two cards each. The cards of the players are dealt face up. On the other hand, as mentioned above, the dealer will have one card dealt up and the other down. It is referred to the hold card as discussed earlier.


Rules Of Blackjack Card Game


The best way to move forward is to try and look for a card with an ace and of course with a ten-point card. It will help them to reach the desired point value of 21 when the first deal it made. However, this may not always be possible, and this is something about Blackjack card rules that players must keep in mind.


The Turn of the Players & Dealers’ Turn


When all the players have finished their actions, which could be either standing or going bust, the role of the dealer becomes very important.



The role of the hold card which is held with the dealer becomes important and significant. It the dealer has a natural 21 with his two cards he will not be able to take any more cards. All the players will end up losing except those players who also have a Blackjack. If this happens, then it becomes a push the bet is returned to the players.


Some Side Rules


There are also some side Blackjack side rules which one must keep into account. These include insurance, surrender, splitting, doubling down and a few others. Hence, these rules must also be learned to the maximum extent possible if a player is keen on making it big and end up winning a decent amount of money.


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