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Learn, How to Count Cards in Blackjack

While playing Blackjack, card counting is always considered to be best. The concept of counting card is specially used in the methods of Blackjack to confer a player a special privilege to the casino.

There is a common belief or wrong notion that counting cards don’t require any type of rain man like qualities and it is supposed to be highly frowned upon. So, in the eve of starting it, notions of how to count cards in Blackjack is highly recommended.

Anyone who wishes to learn the secrets of playing cards can learn it with a little bit of practice and dedication also. There are some exclusive methods to perform to do so.


Learn, How to Count Cards in Blackjack


It is a matter of fact that, just like past posting and base dealing with cheating is now considered being illegal. Now you can also consider the mirror like device and iPhone calculators also to be illegal. It is strongly advised for the non-experienced players not to use them in casinos.

But in live casinos, where several rounds of Blackjack playing cards are to be found, and the dealer is also ready to do card shuffle, card counting is always considered to be best.



To learn, how to count cards in blackjack, something effective things should always be on the top priority list. You should learn the first and basic strategies. You can count the cards very easily, but it does not guarantee or assuring you about winning.

Always try to learn before you jump into the system. It is always great to practice them in the great casinos, and only a perfect place can help you to be a master of the field. Multiple of things are there for example hiding and others that must be considered.


Advantages of Counting


When someone is ready to play Blackjack after long practicing hours, he or she will get houses advantage up to the point of 0. And it is worth mentioning that all Casino games who are in favor of house to them the score of 0 are best. To the gamblers who never counted any card, to them, the concept is quite mysterious.


how to count cards in blackjack


The strategic concept also alludes them and encourages them for serious schooling to learn the toughness and the hidden strategies. The success of perfection for the deal is always practice.

And by following through practice, you have to make sure that you should act like a machine when comes to the concept of Blackjack. You should perform your task best possible lower times.

Make sure that you don’t have to open a book or you don’t have to think twice. Bring some confidence just like you can do it with your closed eyes and both arms are tied just behind your back.


learn how to count cards in blackjack


The one and the only way to make money are to know the game just like the back of your hand. It is an evident fact that knowing secrets of how to count cards in blackjack book is far better than other methods when you are in the process of learning it.


The Main Concept of Counting Cards


If the process or general strategy of counting card counting is considered, maximum of them are seen to use the Hi-Lo Strategy.



In the following process, the generally high card is associated with the value of -1 and the low cards are associated with +1. After adding up the total running, the count is seemed up.

More simple you will keep the less amount of brain will also want to explode. So always keep things simple and play with maximum ease. On the contrary, you must want to know that, why the concept of card working is working?

It works, only because high cards or tens will always improve the chance of hitting a Blackjack for a player which pays out with the ratio of 3:2.

This action also increases, chances of dealers of going for the “bust” low cards, simultaneously, it is bad for the players who want to hit the Blackjack and evidently good for the dealer.


Knowledge of Other Styles of Card Counting


Considering of learning other types is also very much necessary to masters the concept of how to count cards in Blackjack. Although Hi-Lo Method is the best, but you must assure that you will know some other basics too. They will help you to conclude the process with utmost confidence and in the maximum case without any flaw.


Concept of Wonging or Back Counting is Much More Important


By the term “Wonging in” we generally understand when someone is staying away from the table until it is getting hot enough to warrant joining. But you should also remember that nowadays a lot of casinos have banned mid shoe entry for the purpose.


how to count cards in blackjack book


To avoid suspicions, you can change your bets. In the time of wonging your bet, you can bet the same exorbitant amount of every course of time.


Camouflaging of Strategy is Also Considered as the Best Medium


To rule the game, you need to camouflage your intention in the best possible ways. You can act like a tourist so that, the efficient card counters will take you lighter and they may take off suspicion from you. The more you blend with the local atmosphere the best you can do.

Dealers mainly trained to raise the bet upon unexplainable increase of the bet upon the deck and for this reasons only you should up your bet with a few increments so that you can target the best. As the concept of winning the game is somewhat dependent on the factors of counting of cards, so it is a fact that can’t be ignored or avoided.


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