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21 Blackjack is a famous casino game being played all over the world. It is a kind of the banking game in which player aims to achieve a hand with points near to 21 than banker’s hands. The point is not to be more than 21.

It is played with a card deck of 52 without inclusion of jokers. The game is played by one or more than card decks. More than one card deck are shuffled to increase the difficulty level. The counting and proportion of cards become tough for players with the introduction of multiple decks.

The number of card decks varies in the game from one online casino to another. But it is generally near between two to eight. After completion of one round the decks are reshuffled. The frequency of re-shuffling varies from casino to casino as well.

The rules for dealers and players are printed on the casino table to make the game easy and conspiracy free. Some important points are mentioned boldly. Each of the casino provides chips to players whose denominations are made clear time of exchange with money. Chips are generally bought from the dealers.

They are of different colours like white, red, green or black. In 21 blackjack, players neither play against each other, nor co-operate, the only competition for the players is the dealer. The dealers are fair and he/she acts as the house of the entire game.

In 21 blackjack, individual cards are having own values. Cards from 2 to 10 have points as per their face value, J, K, Q each has ten points and the Ace is sometimes 1 & sometimes 11 as per player’s requirements and choice.


Deals in 21 blackjack


The players and dealers are given two cards each at the start of the game. If the sum of points of these cards either of the player or dealer is 21, it is called natural 21 or blackjack. If only player has natural 21 he/she wins automatically. But if both player and dealer have blackjack, the result is a push for that player while, others lose at the same time.

After dealing on first two cards is done, the game goes on. Each player takes action in clockwise direction starting from the dealer’s left. Players or dealer takes cards from the deck or just keep its hand. Side rules are followed if player wants to take advantage of the same.

The advantages of side rules can be taken only after the deal and before taking cards from the hit. Insurance, surrender, splitting and doubling down are the names of side rules. Insurance is the least recommendable among them. It is offered when the dealer’s face up card is an ace.

Half of the original bet is put as an insurance if the dealer is dealt a 21, paying player 2:1. Surrender is nothing but laying down your bad hand as compare to this side rule, half of the bet is claimed. Splitting is the most interesting side rule of 21 blackjack.

Players continue the game after splitting their cards if they got the same card in their hand. In doubling down, bet is doubled by the player in case of a surety of your hand being better than that of the dealer. 


The masterstroke of the dealer


When the actions of each player is finished, final call comes from the dealer on his hidden hole card. Other than a blackjack with the dealer only, players with points not exceeding 21 but more than that of dealer win.

And players with points less than that of dealer lose. In case of the dealer getting busted, all other remaining players in the game win. If the dealer and the player have the same total, neither of them win or lose and the stake is returned to the players.


Online 21 blackjack - deal from home


Online gaming has made blackjack more famous among gamblers and players. The game is played between the players from of the globe through a single platform. Casinos provide chips of different proportions and exchange values.

The number of card decks is mentioned on the site to make players aware of the probabilities and frequency of desired cards. Rules for re-shuffling is the most important aspect to play online 21 blackjack. Casinos have their specific terms and conditions to re-shuffle the cards after completion of a deal or hand.

In online 21 blackjack, the dealer is a casino and players registered or logged in at that point of time play against that dealer. The chances of conspiracy are made minimum through a transparent and fair deal by the dealers. Varieties of blackjack games are available on casino sites.

Atlantic city blackjack, Vegas strip blackjack, and Vegas downtown blackjack are one of the most popular ones among players. Online blackjack games are disturbances free and you can focus on more important prospects of the game. You earn a good deal of money from home with these games. 


Online 21 blackjack - is it safe?


Casino sites have included great and exciting deals in blackjack games. Payouts and refunds are made easy and convenient for the players. You get a stress free experience and lots of fun with online 21 blackjack provided by trustworthy casinos. The arrangement for bonus is there with players joining blackjack games for the first time.

Methods of money deposited in accounts are made hassle free. All legal guidelines are being followed by the casinos providing online 21 blackjack game. Thus, the extra headache of legal actions is negligible with the game. Fun and excitement with earning is the slogan for blackjack games.

The game is less time consuming as well. Only participation for a few hours in online 21 blackjack, make you earn in millions. Playing blackjack game online is safe for players from any part of the world.

Casinos are greatly focused on the 21 blackjack to increase their revenue. The craze of this game among gamblers is more than that for any other game.


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