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How to Play «Perfect Blackjack»?

There is no doubt, that there are literally thousands of online gambling games. While some games are played without cards, there are many games where the conventional playing cards are used.

When we talk about online and brick, and mortar card games like Crazy Eights are extremely popular and played by millions across the world. Another game, which is also highly popular, is Perfect Blackjack. Hence, it would not be a bad idea to find out ways and means by which it can be played.


What Is This Game All About?


This is a simple and easy to understand a game where the objective of the players is to reach a point level of 21. However, care has to be taken to ensure that the players remain within 21 but should never exceed it. The players could be 2, 3, 4 or 5 and there also is a dealer who also has an important role to play.

Hence, if one wishes to get the right answer to the question as to how to play Perfect Blackjack, then he or she should know how to overcome the dealer. His main objective is to try and win as many rounds as possible.


How to Play «Perfect Blackjack»?


One should also try and master the betting aspect of the game. The betting is done by each individual player and the betting amount could be anything starting from Sterling Pound 2 and could go up to even 500 in some cases.


Perfect Blackjack


If you are a beginner who is trying to get some basic idea about this game, it would be advisable to go slow and start with a betting amount of around GBP 2. Graduating and moving up the betting ladder is perhaps the best way to which the finer points of betting can be mastered.


How Does the Game Start?


The dealer has an important role to play as far as starting and running the game is concerned. He chooses a player to cut the cards once the shuffling has been done. The cards are dealt with the players, and all but one card is dealt face down. The last card is dealt face up, and the same applies to the dealer also.

Then the process of playing the game begins. Hence those who are keen on getting to know the Perfect Blackjack system would be better advised to have some idea about the cards that are face down. This will determine how one can win big money as far as this game is concerned.


Objective of the Game


The objective of the game as mentioned above is to reach 21 before others do but at the same time, no one should exceed the threshold number of 21. This can be done by choosing either stand or hit.


Perfect Blackjack system


One needs to understand something about both stand and hit. Stand means not opting for picking up a new card from the stack while hit means opting to choose a card from the stack so that the players can reach the twenty-one points which are required for winning the game. There is also something known as Perfect Blackjack chart, which also needs to be kept in hand.


Double Down


There also is the option of double down which also must be understood reasonably well if you want to be perfect in this game. This is chosen as an option to double the original bet.

However, this will require receiving only one card irrespective of the denomination. Hence, when you come across players who are opting for double down, you can be sure that they have the perfect card with them.


Value of Cards


One also needs to understand the value of the cards to play the game. The ace could be any point between 1 and 11, and this can be decided by the player. Further, the face cards, i.e. Jack, Queen, and King will have a value of assigned to them.


Perfect Blackjack table


The other cards apart from the ace will have the same value as their face value is. Hence, if you come across players who are opting for double down, you can be sure that they have the required cards which can help them reach the 21 level quite easily.

This has to be determined by the players by following closely the hits and stands which they choose and also the cards of the dealer.




If you have the first two cards belonging to the same denomination, you can choose to make a second bet which will be equal to the first and split the pair.



When players choose this option, then you can be reasonably sure that the first two cards are of the same denomination. The players will play the hand out as though everything is normal until they decide to stand or go bust. This is something that must be carefully followed if one wants to make big money really.




If you have a dealer with a face-up card and that turns out to be an ace, you have the option to take insurance. You must know when and how to take insurance.


how to play Perfect Blackjack


Taking an insurance means that the dealer has a 10-value card available with him to complete the Blackjack. Hence, you must be careful of this situation, and the best option would be to stand out instead of trying to play further and run the risk of losing big money.




Hence, winning big money in Blackjack is all about understanding the movements of the other players as best as you can. This does not come overnight and calls for a lot of experience and going through the process.

There are many charts, books, and resources available on the internet, which certainly can help you in this aspect. It cannot be mastered overnight and calls for spending at least ten to twelve months. It also would not be a bad idea to watch experts play and then get into the playing mode seriously.


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