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How to Play Blackjack Switch? Rules and Online Casinos

If you are a blackjack fan, then, certainly, you would perhaps be in the known about Blackjack Switch. This is especially true for gamblers, who believe, that it would make sense to swap their cards from one hand to the other. However, for those, who do not have much of an idea about it would do better to spend some time going through this article.

Play Blackjack Switch

As far as the basics of the game are concerned, the player is dealt two hands of blackjack. Once the deal is over, the punter is given the permission to switch the up card between the two hands.

This increases the strength of one and many cases both hand combinations also get strong. This certainly is a great advantage as far as any blackjack player is concerned.

However, it is important to know further details about this form of blackjack and here also is the need to have a reasonably clear understanding of the various blackjack switch rules.

Hence, it would not be a bad idea to go through the same over the next few lines. Mastering the basics of these rules will certainly help the players to play this card game better and make the best use of the obvious advantages and benefits which come their way.


How to Play Blackjack Switch? (Rules)


When we talk about other rules pertaining to blackjack the rules are so designed that they try and rob the advantage away from the players and punters.

However, this is not the case as far as blackjack switch is concerned. The house edge in a normal scenario can be as low as 0.20%, and this is something all twenty-one players should have a good idea about.

Further, when playing 21, one has to know, how the various rules impact the house edge. If you are not able to understand the same, you could end being dumped in an inferior table which will not be to your advantage under any circumstances.



Now coming to the basic question as to how to play blackjack switch, let us get started by understanding the basic rules. All rules are usually on the same lines as that of classic blackjack unless something to the contrary has been announced by the bookmaker or the dealer. In most cases, the game is played either in 6 or 8 decks.

Play Blackjack Switch

When you increase to eight from six decks, this perhaps could help a lot in increasing the house edge by 0.02%. When it comes to land-based gaming venues, it is possible that the dealer could hit on a soft 17.

However, it is quite possible that the chances of the dealer standing on a soft 17 to be quite low. Further, you must also know that the cards of the players are dealt face up.

The dealer would naturally be peaking for blackjack in case an ace or ten is being shown up. Further, when the dealer holds a blackjack which is natural, the players lost by default.


Blackjack Switch


On the other hand, if a layer has a natural blackjack then that hand is referred to as a push. Hence, these are a few things which one must know before going into play blackjack switch.

Further, the player also has the option of doubling on any two cards. Further, he also has the option of doubling even after a split. It also is possible to go in for re-splits up to four hands.


Understanding Something about Dealer 22


There are some obvious advantages to the players as far as blackjack switch is concerned. Hence, to offset the advantage to some extent, the dealer has the advantage of holding a 22.



This is nothing but a push if any player is holding 21 or less. In case the player holds a natural twenty-one, the dealer twenty-two still will not be able to take advantage and will end up on the losing side.


Blackjack Switch in Online Casinos


When a player switches the cards and decides to move to a combined twenty-one, this might be considered as a twenty-one, but it is not natural. Hence, in such a scenario the dealer who gets to 21 would be able to win this hand. One more deviation from classic blackjack should also be understood.

This is about players who make two equal betting in this format of the game. In such a situation, the players must be able to remember that they must learn to bet equally on both hands.


Blackjack Switch Rules


This is not easy and would call for remembering a few things. It is here that blackjack switch calculator could come in handy. This will avoid messing up with hands, and they will avoid neglecting one hand which may compromise the other hand and make them lose both.

In case, they lose the first one using these calculators might perhaps help to break even by winning the second hand. Hence, at the end of the day, it could help in building two strong hands.


Some Other Useful Tips


In view of the applicability of the dealer 22 rule, there are some useful tips which you must always keep in mind. It would require you to be more aggressive as a player because the dealer will not go bust as often as you would like him to be.

Whenever you come across a dealer who is showing 7 or something higher, this is a strong hand. You must, therefore, adjust your playing accordingly.



In case 6 is showing, you can be reasonably sure that the hand of the dealer is quite weak. It would be wrong to assume that when a dealer's hand is showing 2, he is in a weak position.

This is because 22 is not a bust as far as the dealer is concerned. On the other hand, as a player when you hold 18 and if your total is higher than the up-card total of the dealer, then you must not hesitate to place strong bets.

For example, if you have a situation where you hold 19, and you have a dealer who is showing seven or eight, then the situation could be considered advantageous to you.


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