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Blackjack Table Etiquette

You are probably aware that blackjack is one of the most popular casino games where the games odds can be turned in your favor. You’ve probably heard of stories or read stories on the internet where professional blackjack card counters have won millions of dollars from different casinos across the world!

Do you have any idea how they managed to do this? You may have read books, magazines or articles on blackjack, but have you ever actually found the true answer that you are looking for? Have you ever discovered how to always win blackjack?

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Do you know, that without having to sit at the table as a player you can tell if you are going to win or not? Or, do you know the types of blackjack bets that you should never place no matter how enticing they are?

Do you have any idea on card counting skills or the various blackjack strategies available? Have you ever tried any of the strategies?

The only thing that mesmerizes me every single time I play blackjack is the number of obvious error that I commit as a player and consequently end up losing so much money in the process. There was a time I lost a huge sum of money due to a negligible error and learned from the mistake.

Ever since I began practicing some of the basic blackjack table strategies and etiquette, I have made thousands of dollars from an initial bankroll of $100.

Winning blackjack table games does not require that you have thousands of dollars. Even strategies known to work such as card counting do not guarantee you wins. As a result, this article is meant to enlighten you on some of the common practices that will boost your chances of lowering the house edge on the blackjack game.

You have probably come across so many articles before on the same, but I guarantee you this summarized article on the same will see you increase your chances of winning the game by at least 50%, well only if you correctly practice some of the tips to the word.


Blackjack Table Etiquette


Below is an unwritten code of conduct whenever you are playing blackjack table game. This unwritten code(s) of conduct is what is sometimes referred to as Blackjack table etiquette.

  • Always keep quiet whenever you are at a blackjack table. If you are watching the game as a spectator, ensure that you keep your opinion to yourself.

  • If you happen to be part of the players on the blackjack table, always ensure that you keep quiet or minimize your chatting. Most players prefer to concentrate while playing blackjack and your unceasing chats always disrupts them.

  • You are not allowed to touch your cards whenever you are playing a face-up blackjack game. However, if you are playing face-down, you can touch your cards.

  • Never should you consult with the dealer on strategy.


Why Play Blackjack? Is It Possible to Win this Game?


There are different reasons why you should play blackjack. This casino game, just like other smart games has drawn its popularity because of the ease of winning and the fun and excitement that people draw from it. The game is considered as smart in the sense that people know that it can be beaten even by armatures.

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Can you beat blackjack? This is a difficult question to answer as the answer entirely depends on the skill of the player. For an average player who plays at a 2 to 5% disadvantage to the house, he/she will not stand a chance against the house.

For the highly skilled and professional players who play at a 1-2% advantage to the house, they have a greater chance pf beating the house.


What is a Blackjack Playing Strategy?


The blackjack playing strategy, also known as the basic strategy, is a strategy determined based on the info you have before you can decide to make decisions on each of the hands. In blackjack, there is usually one correct basic blackjack strategy for every set of blackjack rules.

In every country or gambling jurisdiction, these rules will normally vary and as a result, there might be slight differences in the basic strategy.


What Makes It Possible for Good Players to Lose and the Poor Players to Win?


It is possible that a poor and uninformed blackjack player wins while a professional player in the same game losses to the casino even after employing the correct and proven betting strategy correctly.

Blackjack Table Etiquette

This experience has happened to me more than once at different casinos and can happen because, within the short time players’ play, anything can happen.

The key to this comparison is the term short time. As time passes by, the mathematical disadvantage that the poor blackjack player suffers will eventually catch up with him/her and conversantly, the mathematical advantage that the professional player enjoys will turn the table in his favor.


What Are Some of Blackjacks’ Common Errors?


Anyone playing blackjack is prone to making mistakes, including the professionals. These errors caused can not only cause you embarrassment but can also dent your bankroll.

For example, one of the most common blackjack error committed by most players is the fact that they forget to set their betting limits before they start playing blackjack.

Most blackjack tables normally have signs posted next to the table describing the maximum and minimum bets that players can place. The mistake that people do is forgetting to check these signs as they assume all the tables have the same limits.

Another mistake, that people do is placing cash in the betting area whenever they are requesting the cash to be changed into chips. In most of the casinos, cash that is in the betting area is usually considered money, that will be used by the player to play.

Therefore, the correct way that you should change your cash into chips is to wait until the dealer is through dealing the cards and telling him/her “chips please” while placing your cash in the green felt.


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