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Best Blackjack Trainer Apps: Android & iPhone

If you are fond of Blackjack games but don’t always get a chance to visit casinos, the Blackjack trainer app are there to give them the thrilling feelings of the real game. These apps come with every detail of Blackjack mobile game, and you can even make your strategies with the help of Blackjack strategy apps.

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Also, Blackjack trainer apps are compatible with any mobile, whether it is an iPhone or Android. You can have different apps for different phones. Here is the list of the best Blackjack trainer apps for iPhones and Android phones. Have a look.


Best Blackjack Trainer Apps for iPhone


If you have iPhone, there are plenty of Blackjack trainer app for iPhone, waiting for you. You can download any of these apps and enjoy the thrill of Blackjack games from anywhere, anytime.

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No need to wait for weekends and pay huge on the lavish casinos to enjoy Blackjack. Here is the list of top Blackjack trainer app iPhone. Read on to know more:


Ultimate Blackjack Reloaded


This is not just a mere app, but something more than that. The features of this app will mesmerize you:


Blackjack Trainer


  • This is a real casino type card game.

  • The friendly interface, wonderful graphics, and the twisted challenges enough make you glued to the game, and you won’t get any chance to get bored.

  • You can get several customizable options for the rules, sounds, graphics and lot more.

  • The fun animations and exciting graphics are really adorable.

  • There are options of side bets, achievements, leaderboards and blackjack variants.

  • There are tutors to make you learn the strategies and play the game.


Blackjack 21 Free


While talking about blackjack trainer app iPhone, how can we ignore this one?


Blackjack Trainer App


This is one of the best apps for iPhones:


  • You don’t need to buy any additional chips to have this app. Just download and start playing.

  • The Las Vegas casino style display and rules have made the app more exciting.

  • The rules are quite traditional with surrender, insurance, and splits.

  • There is a help screen where the beginners can get ideas and tutorials to know how to play blackjack.

  • The card tables are optimized and retina display.

  • The control options are very easy which have made the game easy to play.

  • You can customize the game options and view your stats.


BC Blackjack


This blackjack app is gaining immense popularity nowadays. Do you know why? Let’s find out:



  • You can get a realistic casino experience here.

  • One of the essential features of this app is the full sized cards, 3D rendered tables, sophisticated graphics, and chips.

  • The app also provides basic strategy card, and you can also find a built-in trainer there. If you are new to the blackjack world, take help from these.

  • The Pro version of the app has lots of other great features.


Blackjack X


While talking about iPhone friendly blackjack apps, we can’t forget this one and why so?


Blackjack X Trainer App

  • The friendly interface, exciting graphics, and cool animations have made this app famous.

  • Don't you know how to play blackjack? Here, you can get the tutorial and also assistance to make basic strategies to play and win the game.

  • Analyzing your play, calculation and displaying the right strategies are possible here.

  • You can make in-app purchases smoothly and also can remove ads.


Best Blackjack Trainer Apps for Android Phones


So far, you have known about the best blackjack trainer apps for iPhone. We are not here to disappoint the people with Android phones.



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Yes, if you have an Android phone, you can have special Blackjack trainer app Android. Let’s take a ride to the app world and find out which are suitable for you:


Real Blackjack


One of the most important features of this app is that it has versions for beginners as well as for the experienced ones.

Blackjack Trainer Apps for Android

Though the game is randomized, but there are records of winning too. You can get real-time advice if you are playing for the first time.


Blackjack 2011


You will be mesmerized by the designing of this app as it will give you the real-life experience of playing blackjack in a real casino.

Blackjack 2011 App Trainer

Though the options are not that much expensive here, the odds are realistic enough. The app supports enough suggestions for the novice and supports EV reading.


Casino Blackjack


Don’t go to the looks of this app as it has shown its brilliance in exciting features. While you can get a free version of the app where you get a basic blackjack game, the upgraded pro version includes additional features, like Expected Value, X-ray Mode, Card Counting and Cheat Mode.


Best Blackjack Trainer


If you activate Cheat Mode, you can stack the deck in your favor. The X-ray mode helps you to view the whole card of the dealer.


Live Blackjack 21


It is a true multiplayer blackjack gaming app. It connects with Facebook and thus, you can play with real players with virtual chips. As you get real players in this app, you can get the ‘real casino feel’ vividly. The values of the bets are different in different tables, and each has the minimum and maximum bets. So, choose one for you and start playing.


Best Blackjack Trainer App for Android


Here is few blackjack trainer app which is suitable for iPhone and android phones. There are myriads of other apps you can have a look. Try any of these and enjoy playing. But, don’t get addicted to the games as that will only hamper your regular lifestyle. Use these fun apps only for fun.


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