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The Rules of Blackjack (UK)

Whenever you visit the casino, you will not fail to notice the action packed blackjack pits. Therefore, to be prepared for your next visit to the casino, it is advisable that you familiarize yourself with some of the basic rules of blackjack.

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The main aim of playing blackjack is ensuring that you have beaten the dealers hand without exceeding a total card value of 21. All the face cards are usually valued at 10 with the aces being valued as 1 or 11. The remaining cards are usually valued with their face values.


How to Play Blackjack at the Casino?


So, how to play blackjack online? The dealer will deal every player at the pit with two cards and he/she will deal two cards to his/her hand. Out of the two cards, one of the dealers card will remain hidden (face down) until the end of the game.

To stand means that you will hold your total and signify the end of your turn while to hit is to request for additional cards. If you hit and exceed a total card value of 21, you bust and the dealer or casino wins regardless of the dealer’s hand.

If you are dealt with two cards right from the beginning, and have an Ace and a ten, you get a blackjack. According to the rules of blackjack, having a “blackjack” guarantees you wins that are 1.5 your initial stake depending on the casino that you are playing from.

A dealer will continue hitting until his/her cards have a total value of 17 or more. Doubling down is more like a hit only that your bet is doubled and you are only dealt with one more card.

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You can split is you have two of the same card with each of the split hand becoming a different hand. When you split, you will double your bet because each of the new hand retains its original worth. Take not of the following important points.

According to the rules of blackjack, you are only allowed to split/double on your first move or the first move of a hand resulting from a split. Also, you are allowed to double on a hand that results from a split of your bet. Lastly, you cannot play on two aces after they have split.


How Do You Pick a Blackjack Table?


Since we’ve brushed over the basic rules of blackjack, it is time that you chose a blackjack table. Before you can chose the blackjack table, ensure that you have the right tables, one that only fits your bet sizes.

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The majority of online and land-based casinos will have the maximum and minimum allowable bets clearly indicated on the table top


How Will You Know, That the Blackjack Table is Suitable for You?


You have various options when it comes to selecting a blackjack table. In most cases it narrows down to your preference and getting that lucky feeling when you walk past it.

However, you can decide to choose a table based on:

  • The number of chips, that the casino dealer has. In most cases, fewer chips indicate that they have already been given to winning players.

  • How happy people are on the table. Happy faces is an indication of satisfied customers.

  • How many players have chips at the table. It’s usually good to play with winners as some of their luck might just extend to you.


The Value of the Card Values and the Blackjack Deck


Now that you know of the basic rules and how to choose a table, its time that you learnt something about the Blackjack Deck and the value of the cards so that you can start placing bets.

Every blackjack deck contains 52 cards in it. It usually has a jack, King, Queen and Ace through to 10. Each of the card is valued as follows:

  • The face cards such as the Jack, King and the Queen are all valued at 10 each.

  • Aces are usually considered special cards and are valued at either 1 or 11.

  • All the remaining cards, 2-10, are valued with their face numbers.

What makes the Ace really unique is that you get to choose its value. In certain circumstances, you could use it as a ten or in others, you can use is as a 10. For instance, when you are dealt with a Jack and an ace. If you chose the value of the ace as 1, you will only have a total card value of 11, which is not a great hand.

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However, if you get to chose the value of the ace as 11, you get a total of 21, which makes you win automatically if the dealer’s cards value is less than yours. Still not getting the hang of the game after all this rules of blackjack uk? Don’t worry. We are going to look how you can place a bet now.


Placing a Blackjack Bet


How much you are willing to bet is entirely up to you. However, a good rule of thumb is that you should bet 5% of your bankroll.


Obtaining Your Chips


Place you money on the table and request the dealer to give you your equivalent chips. You are not allowed to directly give the dealer your money. He or she is only authorized to deal with chips.

The Rules of Blackjack (UK)

Once you are offered the chips, organize them in stacks, starting from the smaller denominations to the larger denominations so that you can easily count your chips.

Once the cards have been dealt, look at your cards and compare them to the dealers face-up card. Based on the strategy that you’ve decided to use, you can decide to hit, split, double down or stand.

Once every player at the table has had a chance to hit, split, double down or stand, the dealer will reveal the face-down card and reveal it to you and the other players.

According to the rules of blackjack, you win as long as your card value is higher than the dear’s. if there is a tie, a push is called for and there is neither a winner or a looser. At this point, you can decide to take your bet back or decide to use it for the next hand.


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