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Double Down in Blackjack

Are you a professional gambler or you just play for fun? Whatever it is, but playing blackjack is too much fun and interesting. If you’re fond of card games, blackjack will really win over your heart. Blackjack is such a game where you need luck and skill.

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Other gambling games like Rainbow Riches Slingo need only luck. But, if you don’t have enough skills in card games, only luck can’t help you there. Again, it is not possible to win the table consequently, but you can follow some strategies to increase your chances to win. You need to make Double Down blackjack strategy.


What Is Double Down?


For blackjack players, doubling down is the most popular option, and it gives them the thrill of playing and win the hand.



Double Down blackjack means you can double the actual wager after getting initial two cards. Now, if the rule allows, you can Double Down the cards after dealing.

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After winning this bet, your score will be doubled than your actual wager. If you know how to use Double Down blackjack, it can be profitable for you in the game. But, there are many players who don’t understand this strategy and end up in losing all the hands.


Rules of Double Down


Rules of Double Down are not always same as those vary from one casino to other. So, it is important to know all the rules before beginning your game.


Double Down Blackjack


Usually, most of the casinos provide some basic rules for Double Down. Let’s find out what those rules are:


  1. Many casinos permit players to double on original cards.

  2. In some casinos, players are also permitted to Double Down a blackjack.

  3. These rules are applied on playing blackjack online or live.

  4. There are few casinos which limit doubling down if you get a hard total of 9, 10 or 11. In this system, you can only Double Down if you get these amounts as total.

  5. There are also some casinos where doubling down is allowed after you split a pair. But, be sure that the casino, where you’re playing, allows this.

  6. When you make up your mind to Double Down and place a further wager, you will get one card. Place it on those basic cards you were dealt.

  7. Don’t act anymore on this hand. You have to play with the total you have and the total of the additional card. Hitting your hand is not permitted after making a Double Down. You have to stand.

  8. Many casinos allow “double for less.” This means the value of your Double Down is lesser than your original bet.


How to Double Down?


Now, you know the rules. But, you need techniques. You must have a clear idea about the ways of Double Down. Here are the ways to Double Down your hand:


Blackjack Double Down Rules

  • Place an additional chip that is similar to or less than your original bet on the blackjack table, beside your original wager. All casinos approve this method.

  • It will tell the dealer about your wish, and he will deal you an additional card.

  • Always remember that whenever you wish to Double Down, utter the words “Double Down” or “double” when placing your bet. Thus, the dealer will know clearly that you wish for Double Down and split the pair accordingly.

  • In case you are playing online blackjack, you’ll find a button saying “DOUBLE DOWN.” Just click it, and your bet will be placed automatically.


Winning Double Down


Yes, it is true that winning blackjack is almost next to impossible, but experienced bettors say that you can win hands by making some crucial and clever strategies.



And Double Down is one of those strategies which can bring you luck. Double Down means you need to double your original wager for just one card.

Casinos have different rules for Double Down. There are several casinos which permit to Double Down on the first two cards while many casinos limit it to hands which are ten or eleven in total.

There are also casinos where you can Double Down after splitting a pair. You can choose any of the rules which you think support your strategies. Blackjack is a game of sheer mathematics, and when you are doubling down, you need to make strategies based on mathematics only.



The most important advantage of Double Down in blackjack game is to make your bet double to beat the dealer. Often casinos let you Double Down on less than your original bet so that it can meet the table when it is minimum. Don’t fall for such traps. You should Double Down when you feel it is the right time and you know you can only get an advantage by your decision.

It is true that Double Down can cause negative outcomes and your evening may be ruined. You must have patience and rely on your strategies. If you are a novice player, you should rethink your strategies. Starting your game with little money is not the right strategy for Double Down.



So, now you know Double Down blackjack meaning and some of the strategies. Often players avoid Double Down as they are afraid of losing the double amount of their original bet. But, you should know the right time of this and take advantage of it. That can be profitable enough, and you can also improve your odds.

Doubling your bet presents you the opportunity to balance your position in the game. But, if you lose, don’t double your bets as that can result in bankruptcy. Enjoy the game as it is fun, but don’t get addicted.


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