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Without saying, Blackjack is one of the most played online casino game after slots. Among the table games, it’s the most played game both at the online casinos and the land based casinos. However, just like other casino games, real money, and free online blackjack have rules and regulations that have to be followed to the letter.

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These rules will guide and help you play the game as it is supposed to be played and eventually help you win the game against the casino.

Most of the casinos make money from ignorant casino players; players who lack the basic understanding of how to play this wonderful card game. If you happen to be a novice player who is looking to play this game, sit back and enjoy reading this article.

Whether you shall be playing the free online blackjack no money game or playing the real money game, you should use the following rules, which will help you win blackjack.


Your Objective


Whether you are playing no money blackjack or real money blackjack, your main aim is to beat the casinos dealer. A blackjack “pit” will usually have 1-7 players with each of the player competing against the dealer and not against the other player.

In order to win a blackjack hand, you have to ensure that you have a blackjack hand value that is 21 or closer to 21 as compared to the dealers without exceeding the 21 value. When you exceed the 21 value, you “bust” and lose the bet.


The Card Values


No money blackjack card values are similar to the real money blackjack values. The value of your hand, as well as that of the dealers, will be represented by the face value of the cards the hand is holding.

All the face cards, which include the Jack, King, and Queen, will have a card value of 10. The Aces will have a card value of either 11 or 1 depending on your pick. All the other cards, from 2 through to 10 will have their face values.

When you choose to play an ace as an 11, you will have a soft ace whereas playing the ace as a 1; you will have a hard. The difference these two is that the soft ace can’t be busted while the hard ace has a possibility of being busted.


Playing the Free Online Blackjack Game


The game is usually started when all the players at the pit make a bet. Every player at the pit, inclusive of the dealer, will be dealt with two cards. These cards will either be facing up or down. Once all the players are dealt with the cards, they will be given an opportunity of hitting or standing.

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Hitting means that you have the opportunity of asking for more cards while standing means you will have the option of not receiving any more cards. The dealer is required to draw more cards until he has a hand value of 16 and stand at the value of 17.


Getting a 21


The blackjack 21 or the natural hand is when you happen to have two of your first two cards as an ace showing and another the other hidden card unknown. This will usually equal to 21. On average, this “very lucky” hand occurs after every 20 hands.

When you get this hand, you are guaranteed to win the hand in addition to a payout of 3:2 instead of the usual 1:1 payout as long as the dealers hand is not the same as yours. If you have the same value, i.e., you all get a natural, a push or tie happens, and you neither lose your bet nor win it.


Splitting Pairs in Blackjack 21


During your first round, you can have splitting pairs if you have two cards, which have the same value. In this case, you will have an option of splitting the cards into two separate hands and playing them as two individual hands. You will be required to place a bet on the second hand.

In some online casinos, you will be allowed to have splits up to a maximum of 3-4 times if you happen to continue drawing cards of the same value. There is a limitation however to two aces, for which you only have a chance of drawing a card for one instead of two when you shall be splitting.


Doubling Down


No money blackjack gives you an opportunity of doubling down on the first two cards that you are dealt with. However, when you decide to double down, you will only be allowed to draw a card per bet.




An early surrender is when you have an opportunity of giving up on a band hand before the game goes deep. When you decide to take an early surrender, you shall be giving up on half the stake you placed on your bet.

In some cases, an early surrender is usually better that losing all your stake especially if you had placed a huge stake.

Note, that not all the online casinos will allow for the early surrender. This option is only available in some of the well-established online casinos only!


What Options Do You Have When Playing Free Online Blackjack?


There are two main ways in which you can decide to play the free online blackjack game; you can decide to play the game through the flash option or decide to go with the download version. The flash version is most convenient because you play the game straight from the browser.

However, if you want a blackjack game with a variety of games, choose the download blackjack.


Odds comparison | Free Online Blackjack no Money vs. Real Money


Just as the rules are similar in both, the odds are certainly the same. The only difference comes on the time you shall be allowed to play the game.

Free online blackjack no money games tend to be shorter as compared the real money games where all the games last for as long as your bankroll can allow you to.


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